Services for Financial Institutions

At the Law Offices of Richard Franzblau LLC, we represent banks and private lenders, including those who make commercial loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Attorney Richard Franzblau has extensive experience in finance related to franchising and sales and acquisitions of hotels, resorts and time shares. From offices in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, he can close loans throughout the United States.

Lead attorney Richard Franzblau has handled Section 7(a) Loan Guarantee Program loans for more than ten years, and is certified under the SBA as a designated attorney to close 504 loans under the expedited closing procedure.

Our clients include borrowers and commercial banks involved in areas including:

  • Section 7(a) guaranty program
  • SBA 504 loans
  • Commercial finance
  • Asset-based lending
  • Lending and secured transactions
  • Loan workouts
  • Mortgages and foreclosures
  • Venture capital
  • Loans to franchisors and franchisees
  • Loans to participants in the hotel and hospitality industry

Mr. Franzblau has handled SBA loans that range in size from $50,000 to over 3 million, providing representation from the time the loan is approved by the SBA through the loan closing process. On behalf of our clients, we handle all communications with the local SBA offices, SBA legal department, franchisors, franchisees, financial institutions having prior liens, title companies, UCC search services and flood certification agencies. Our services include preparation of loan documents, including notes, guarantees, mortgages, notices of settlement, security agreements, UCC-1's, environmental indemnification agreements, settlement sheets and various other forms required by the SBA and lender.

Those interested in business formation or expanding an existing venture, as well as those preparing to buy or sell a business may qualify for SBA loans, particularly if the businesses have good chances of succeeding but the shareholders are unable to obtain reasonable private financing.

Mr. Franzblau is licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and New York State, provide national representation to banks and other lenders. If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers, or have any other question, please contact our firm. We will respond promptly. It is our goal to be accessible to our clients.