Experienced Real Estate Lease Negotiations

When it comes to legal and financial interests, the negotiating process is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Parties on all sides will do everything possible to protect their rights and their bottom line. When the issue is a lease agreement for commercial or residential real estate, nearly every clause concerning indemnification and risk will be subject to negotiations.

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If you are involved in a real estate transaction regarding lease negotiations or leasing agreements, will you have the right kind of experience on your side of the table? The Law Offices of Richard D. Franzblau, LLC, has been advising and advocating on behalf of clients involved on both sides of lease negotiations since we opened our firm in 2001. Mr. Franzblau leads our team with more than 20 years of hands-on negotiating experience in all areas of real estate lease and contracts, and he is licensed to practice in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and New York.

Tenant Allowance Clauses

A highly specialized area of lease law regards tenant allowance clauses, often included in the agreement to limit tenant excesses regarding property improvements for business purposes. Our firm has taken a leading position in contract law regarding build-outs and issues regarding property improvements and expenses. We represent clients on either side of the negotiating table.

Committed to Responsive, Personalized Client Service

Richard Franzblau founded our firm in 2001 with a commitment to offer personalized, attentive services that focus on efficiency and accessibility. Responsiveness is one of the key benefits of working with a firm that is determined to place client service and results above our attorneys' individual objectives.

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