Entrepreneur Setups in Orlando, FL

Entrepreneurs are by definition adventurous and creative individuals, prepared to operate in a free-wheeling business environment and assume a certain degree of risk. At the Law Offices of Richard Franzblau LLC, we provide entrepreneurs with sound legal counsel, aggressive representation and responsive service, supporting clients from the time they articulate their business concepts until they are managing profitable operations.

From business concept to business operations

As a veteran of many years advising franchisees and business investors, lead attorney Richard Franzblau provides our clients with the benefits of his broad perspective and extensive network of relationships. As your lawyer, he will explain what mile markers need to be reached in the course of the development of your business. Concerns he will help you address include the following:

  • Capitalization, assisting in securing start-up capital through appropriate investment partners and financial institutions, including Small Business Association (SBA) 504 and Section 7(a) loans, providing comprehensive related services and loan document preparation
  • Drafting agreements for equity ownership participation and collateral rights
  • Entity formation, handling all aspects of business formation and reorganization at appropriate stages of your company's development
  • Intellectual property rights, protecting your concept through confidentiality agreements and registering trademarks and other intellectual property rights with appropriate agencies

Our central office is in Orlando, Florida. We also maintain offices in New Jersey (Somerset County and Middlesex County) and Pennsylvania (Allentown). Mr. Franzblau is licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and New York State, and provide national representation. Our clients are involved in businesses as diverse as the hotel and hospitality industry, commercial real estate development, tanning salons, day care, valet parking and computer consulting. If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers, or have any other question, please contact our firm. We will respond promptly. It is our goal to be accessible to our clients.