Don’t Go Through Bankruptcy On Your Own

Don’t Go Through Bankruptcy On Your Own

Attorney Franzblau will help you file for bankruptcy in Orlando, FL

If you’re struggling under a pile of debt and collectors are calling you day and night, it’s time for a fresh start. Richard Franzblau LLC in Orlando, FL can help you file for bankruptcy.

With more than 30 years of bankruptcy law experience, attorney Franzblau can gather the facts of your situation and determine the right type of bankruptcy to pursue. Call now to discuss your debt burdens with a compassionate bankruptcy law attorney.

Which type of bankruptcy is best for you?

If you have unsecured debt that you can’t afford, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be for you. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can discharge medical bills, credit card debt and personal loans. After a certain period of time, your credit will be restored. Debt like child support payments or taxes aren’t covered under Chapter 7. You’ll still be responsible for making future payments on your mortgage and car, even if overdue payments are discharged.

Maybe the way you’re paying back your debt isn’t working for you anymore. Under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, your debt can be reorganized and renegotiated. Attorney Franzblau can help you develop a reasonable payment plan with your creditors.

He’ll work hard to develop a schedule of lower payments to be paid out over a period of three to five years. He’ll do his best to avoid foreclosure and keep your car and other property from getting repossessed.

Contact attorney Franzblau now to start working toward an excellent financial standing.